Graduate Programs

The School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences offers Master of Aquaculture, Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees. Courses related to the socio-economic aspects of aquaculture and fisheries are offered by the Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology. Coursework may also be taken for credit at Dauphin Island Sea Lab or the Gulf Coast Research Lab. Several SFAAS faculty are involved in the Auburn Group in Ecology, an interdepartmental program consisting of faculty with expertise and research interests in ecology and leading to a minor in ecology for students majoring in fisheries.

Detailed information on our graduate programs and philosophy, and SFAAS’s history, facilities and faculty can viewed and printed from the Graduate Programs link below. Information for applying to the Graduate School for U. S. and international students can be found in the Auburn Graduate School link below.

Auburn University Graduate School

SFAAS Grad Student Resources


Breeding Economics
Fish Health Aquatic Health Research
Fish Genetics Molecular Biology
Genomics Population Genetics
Hatchery Management Fish Nutrition
Pond Engineering Processing and Technology
Water Quality Management Fish, Crustacean and Mollusk


Aquatic Resources Management Ecological Services
Fish Ecology Ichthyological Research
Reservoir Studies Stream Studies


Fishery Biology Reservoir Fisheries Management
Stream Fisheries Management Farm Pond Management
Marine Fisheries