Current Projects

Current International Projects

The International Center for Aquaculture has conducted development activities in more than 100 countries in many regions of the world. Through its grants, contracts and projects it has funded research in host countries and on-campus, and degree and non-degree education at Auburn University for more than 1,000 foreign nationals from more than 60 countries. Support facilities at Auburn University include one of the largest educational and training facility in the world for fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic sciences.

Uganda/South Africa

Hydrology, Water Harvesting and Watershed Management for Food Security, Income and Health

With are working with the AquaFish Innovation Lab to provide research results that will increase the knowledge base on water resource uses that work in the African context. These studies identify best practices in water use, enterprise development and fish culture and contribute a legacy of trained individuals capable of leading and guiding aquacultural development as part of watershed management.

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