1108_untitled_022-157x235Terry Hanson

Professor/Extension Specialist

School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences


1998 Auburn University: Ph.D., Agricultural Economics
1985 Auburn University: M.Ag., Agricultural Economics
1984 Auburn University: M.S., Fisheries and Allied Aquaculture
1977 Allegheny College: B.S., Biology and Studio Arts

professional experience

August 2014 – present Professor, Auburn University, School of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences; Research 75% and Extension 25%
August 2008 – 14 Associate Professor, Auburn University, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures; Research 75% and Extension 25%
August 2003 – 08 Associate Professor, Mississippi State University, Department of Agricultural Economics; Research 75%, Teaching 15%, and Extension 10%
August 1998 – 03 Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, Department of Agricultural Economics
August, 1989 – 98 Senior Research Associate, Auburn University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
May 1986 – 89 Associate Peace Corps Director for Agriculture Programs, U.S. Peace Corps, Tunis, Tunisia, North Africa
October 1985 – May ’86 Logistics Coordinator, International Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Agadez, Republic of Niger, West Africa
May 1984 – Sept. ’85 Research Assistant, Auburn University, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology
January 1982 – June ’84 Research Associate, Auburn University, Department of Fisheries and Allied Aquacultures
May 1978 – Oct. ’80 Fisheries Specialist Volunteer, U.S. Peace Corps, Republic of Niger, West Africa

honors and awards

2015 Project Team Award-Faculty: Food Entrepreneur Project Team, Awarded by Auburn University’s College of Agriculture and the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station
Grantsmanship Award 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015, Auburn University College of Agriculture
Awarded the top journal article award for 2013, North American Journal of Aquaculture
Project Team Award Pond-to-Plate, 2012, Auburn University College of Agriculture
College of Agriculture Dean’s Award for Excellence in Extension and Outreach, 2011-12
The top journal article in 2008, North American Journal of Aquaculture
International Association of Aquaculture Economics and Management Certificate of Appreciation – IAAEM Newsletter Editor, February, 2007
American Agricultural Economics Association’s (AAEA) 2005 Distinguished Extension Award: Group Award
Awarded the 2004 Distinguished Service Award by the Catfish Farmers of MS

professional affiliations

1998-present American Agricultural Economics Association
2014-present American Fisheries Society
1998-present Southern Agricultural Economics Association
2006-present Food Distribution Research Society
1998-present International Association of Aquacultural Economics and Management
1990-present World Aquaculture Society
1990-present U.S. Aquaculture Society
  • Assessment of the feasibility of reducing risks to U.S. aquaculture industries
  • Investigation of catfish feed protein levels and economic impact to producers
  • Economic impact of best management practices on catfish diseases
  • Farm management and aquacultural costs of production
  • Costs and benefits of controlling off-flavor in the U.S. catfish industry
  • Estimation of bird depredation damage to the commercial catfish industry
  • Consumer demand for aquaculture and seafood products
  • Costs and benefits of ESC vaccination of catfish fingerlings
  • Use of satellite imagery and GIS softwares to develop catfish acreage layers
  • Welfare valuation of inherited traits in aquacultured catfish
  • Impact of improved NWAC-103 strain of channel catfish to the industry

extension activities

My extension program includes the broad umbrella “Pond-to-Plate” project that addresses the needs of the U.S. and Alabama farm-raised catfish industries. This project is conducts studies and outreach efforts that are multi-disciplinary in nature involving economics, business, production and marketing. Involvement of the private sector is a critical element that makes this project work. Examples of projects on-going are economic performance appraisals of intensive pond-based catfish culture systems, new technology introduction (in-pond raceway systems, gear to capture raceway fish waste for re-use, and initiatives to coordinate responses to catfish disease/health management). These efforts were developed with catfish industry representatives and represent their priority areas as well as concepts for the future needing fundamental research now. The goal is to assist the U.S. and Alabama farm-raised catfish industries transform itself into a modern livestock industry.

Recent courses taught

Without a teaching appointment, I direct Master of Science and Ph.D. students through their research programs and teach Special Problem (SP) that used in their research or for students desiring a more in-depth experience on an agreed upon topic and course structure; some examples are below:

FISH 8990-10 Each Semester Research and Dissertation
FISH 7990-011 Each Semester Research and Thesis
IDSC 4890-011 Fall 2015 Interdisciplinary Capstone Course – Recreational Gulf of Mexico Fishing
FISH 7960 Spring 2015 Special Problem (SP) – Aquaculture Farm Management
FISH 7960-1 Summer 2015 SP – Directed Study – Spotted Bass Hatch-Dates-Growth Determination
FISH 7960-2 Summer 2014 SP – Enterprise Budget Development for Catfsh in IPRS and Intensive Pond Systems
FISH 4960 Spring 2014 SP – Growth Estimates of Basses from Chattahoochee River
FISH 7960-2 Summer 2013 SP – Age and Growth Analysis of Fish
FISH 7960-3 Summer 2013 SP – Floating In-Pond Raceway Construction Budgeting

Select Publications

2011-2016 Publications

  • Rhodes, M.A., Y. Zhou, G.P. Salze, T.R. Hanson and D.A. Davis. 2016. “Development of plant-based diets and the evaluation of dietary attractants for juvenile Florida pompano Trachinotus carolinus L.” Aquaculture Nutrition, 2016; 1-11. DOI: 10.1111/anu.12474
  • Liu, S., C. Courtwright, Y. Wang, T.R. Hanson. 2016. “Chemical Treatments to Reduce Off-Flavor in Farm-Raised Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Fillet.” Journal of Food Processing and Preservation. June. DOI: 10.1111/jfpp.12886
  • Danaher, J.J., J. M. Pickens, J.L. Sibley, J.A. Chappell, T.R. Hanson, C.E. Boyd. 2016. “Tomato seedling growth response to different water sources and a substrate partially replaced with dewatered aquaculture effluent.” International Journal of Recycling of Organic Waste in Agriculture, DOI 10.1007/s40093-016-0114-x ; http://www.springer.com/home?SGWID=0-0-1003-0-0&aqId=2988418&download=1&checkval=eeb70f99c494d2fdfa080fb0bd61a613 .
  • Boxman, S.E., A. Kruglick, B. McCarthy, N.P. Brennan, M. Nystrom, S.J. Ergas, T. Hanson, K.L. Main and M.A. Trotz. 2015. “Performance evaluation of a commercial land-based integrated multi-trophic aquaculture system using constructed wetlands and geotextile bags for solids treatment.” Aquaculture Engineering, 69 (2015) 23-36.
  • Bott, L.B., L.A. Roy, T.R. Hanson, J.A. Chappell and G.N. Whitis. 2015. “Research verification of production practices at an intensive aeration at a hybrid catfish operation.” North American Journal of Aquaculture, 77:4, 460-470, DOI: 10.108015222055.2015.1047543 ; http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/15222055.2015.1047543 .
  • Bebak, J., B. Wagner, B. Burnes, T. Hanson. 2015. “Farm size, seining practices, and salt use: Risk factors for Aeromonas hydrophila outbreaks in farm-raised catfish, Alabama, USA.” Preventive Veterinary Medicine 118:161–168.
  • Maceina, M.J., T.R. Hanson, J.J. Buckingham and S.M. Sammons. 2015. “Angling effort on an embayment of Lake Guntersville, Alabama, before and after herbicide application.” J. Aquat. Plant Manage. 53:141-143.
  • Lothrop, R.L., T.R. Hanson, S.M. Sammons, D. Hite and M.J. Maceina. 2014. “Economic Impact of a Recreational Striped Bass Fishery.” North American Journal of Fisheries Management, 34(2): 301-310.
  • Brown, T.W., T.R. Hanson, J.A. Chappell and C.E. Boyd. 2014. “Economic Feasibility of an In-Pond Raceway System for Commercial Catfish Production in West Alabama.” North American Journal of Aquaculture, 76:79-89.
  • Peterman, M.A., D.J. Cline, T.R. Hanson and J.A. Chappell. 2013. “Coloration Characteristics of Mechanically Processed Channel Catfish (Ictalurus punctatus) Fillets Held in Refrigerated Storage for Seven Days.” Journal of Applied Aquaculture, 25:3, 239-247.
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  • D’Abramo, L.R., T.R. Hanson, S.K. Kingsbury, J.A. Steeby and C.S. Tucker. 2013. “Production and Associated Economics of Fingerling-to-Stocker and Stocker-to-Growout Modular Phases for Farming Channel Catfish in Commercial-Size Ponds.” North American Journal of Aquaculture 75:1, 133-146.
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