Research Projects

Current Projects

1) The effects of explosive removal of oil-gas platforms on resident reef fishes in the northern Gulf of Mexico;

2) The habitat use and fine scale movements of red snapper, gray triggerfish, and shark species using ultrasonic telemetry;

3) A comparison of telemetry and conventional tagging of red snapper for mortality estimates;

4) The effects of the BP oil spill on shelf (e.g., red snapper) and slope (e.g., roughtongue bass) reef fish species;

5) A comparison of red snapper populations across a decade of management from 1998-2004 to 2010-2015 using fishery independent methods;

6) A comparison of fish communities on different artificial reef types at different depths using a combination of fishery independent methods, side scan sonar, and hydroacoustics;

7) Age determination of red snapper through shape analysis and validation of otolith annular increments;

8) The diet of red snapper using DNA analysis of gut content;

9) The early post-settlement ecology of northern Gulf of Mexico reef fish species.