Former Graduate Students


Jenny Herbig (M.S.)

Project: Jenny’s research was the first study to implant transmitters in gray triggerfish, Balistes capriscus, to track their movements.  She used VEMCO VPS telemetry methods to assess the fine-scale movements of gray triggerfish around artificial reefs.  This study greatly improved our understanding of the importance of structured habitat for gray triggerfish and provided estimations of home range, habitat use, and residency.

Contact Information:
Employment: Biologist, Mississippi Department of Marine Resources, Ocean Springs, MS


Danielle Horn (M.S.)

Project: Danielle’s research addressed conflicting reports concerning the validity of annuli to age red snapper.  Her research used marginal increment analysis, OTC mark recapture studies, daily ageing, and shape analysis.  Danielle showed that whole otoliths counts are equivalent to sectioned otolith counts in younger fish.  Not sectioning otoliths dramatically reduces processing time as well as the cost of ageing these fish.

Contact Information:


Peter Mudrak (M.S.)

Project: Predation Effects on Age-0 Red Snapper Lutjanus campechanus on Artificial Reefs in the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

Contact Information:

Employment: Research Associate, Szedlmayer Auburn Marine Fish Lab, Fairhope, AL


Tara (Syc) Topping (M.S.)

Project: A comparison of the size and age distribution of red snapper Lutjanus campechanus to the age of artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico. Contact Information:

Employment: Research Technician I, Center for Sportfish Science and Conservation, Harte Research Institute, Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi


Maria (Piraino) Szczebak (M.S.)

Project: Fine-scale movements and home ranges of red snapper Lutjanus campechanus around artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Contact Information:

Employment: Fisheries Technician, MA Division of Marine Fisheries, New Bedford, MA & Adjunct Instructor, Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI


Darin Topping (Ph.D.)

Project: The use of ultrasonic telemetry to estimate residency, movement patterns, and mortality of red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus. Contact Information:

Employment: Natural Resource Specialist, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Port O’Connor, Texas


Sabrina Beyer (M.S.)

Project: Age determination through shape analysis and validation of otolith annular increments in red snapper,Lutjanus campechanus. Contact Information:

Employment: Staff Research Associate, UC Santa Cruz/NOAA Fisheries Affiliate, Santa Cruz, CA


Dianna Miller (M.S.)

Project: A comparison of fish and epibenthic assemblages on artificial reefs with and without copper-based anti-fouling paint Contact Information:


Carrie Simmons (Ph.D.)

Project: Gray triggerfish, Balistes capriscus, reproductive behavior, early life history, and competitive interactions between red snapper, Lutjanus campechanus, in the northern Gulf of Mexico Contact Information:

Employment: Deputy Executive Director, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council, Tampa, Florida


Rebecca Redman (M.S.)

Project: Reef function Contact Information:


Allison Chapin (M.S.) 

Project: Red Snapper Movements Contact Information:

Employment: Project Ecologist, ARCADIS- US, Chicago, Illinois


Rebecca Wingate (M.S.)

Project: Red Snapper Movements Contact Information:


Mark Lingo (M.S.)

Project: Reef function Contact Information:

Employment: Lower Laguna Madre Ecosystem Leader, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, Brownsville, Texas


Amy Piko (M.S.)

Project: Red Snapper Predation Contact Information:


Dustin Moss (M.S.)

Project: Red Snapper Populations Contact

Employment: Director, Shrimp Research Department; Affiliate Faculty at the College of Natural and Computational Sciences, Oceanic Institute of Hawaii Pacific University, Waimanalo, Hawaii


Allyson Ouzts (M.S.)

Project: Red Snapper Diets  Contact Information:


Marek Topolski (M.S.)

Project: Blenniidae habitats  Contact Information:

2000 & 1990s

Christopher Gurshin (M.S.)¬†-2000 ‚Äď Shark Movements

Kori Blitch (M.S.) ‚Äď 2000 –¬†Gray Triggerfish Diets

Jasson Lee (M.S.) –¬†1998 ‚Äď Red Snapper Diets

Joseph Conti (M.S.) –¬†1996 ‚Äď Red Snapper Habitats

Michael Moxey (M.S.) –¬†1994 ‚Äď Red Drum Aging