Visiting Scientists

Visiting scientists come to Auburn University from all over the world to work with our faculty, to learn newtechnology and methods, expand professional contacts, and experience life in the United States. Most visiting scientists have Masters or Doctoral degrees and are interested in a particular area of research. Although every visit is different, most last 3-6 months and follow a format that is pre-arranged with the visiting scientist and an Auburn host scientist. Most programs include: 1) working in association with an Auburn host scientist, 2) participating in a research project while at Auburn (sometimes leading to joint publication), 3) attending one or more graduate-level class(es) related to one’s primary field of interest, 4) independent library research (literature review) on a relevant topic, 5) travel tour to visit appropriate off-campus facilities (if funding permits). Most programs are sponsored by international funding organizations or the government of the visiting scientist. We are not able to provide scholarships.

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