Red Snapper High Reward Tag-recapture Study in the Gulf of Mexico

Red snapper fish are being tagged as part of a collaborative study being conducted by Auburn University, the Dauphin Island Sea Lab and the University of South Alabama, and funded by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Marine Resources Division to examine recreational fisheries management in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

How will it work?

Our team of scientist will tag 750 red snapper beginning in May 2016.  Each yellow tag is worth a $250 reward, and 250 of those fish will have two tags worth a total of $500.  These rewards are to ensure that two critical assumptions are met in our analyses.  1) That 100% of the captured tagged fish are reported and 2) that double-tagged fish that have lost a tag are reported so that we can estimate a fish tag-loss rate.  We devised this program to provide the best possible estimates of exploitation rate. 

Report a Tagged Fish

Step 1: If you have captured a tagged red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico clip the yellow tag close to the body of the fish and keep it.  You will need the yellow tag to receive the reward. 

Step 2: Contact us by email at with the tag number or call 1-855-818-9983. 

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Program Cooperation:
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