Farming Marine Shrimp in Inland Waters

Inland production of marine shrimp provides an alternative to traditional coastal culture where land costs and user conflicts can inhibit commercial development. Alabama has a rich resource of underground low salinity water that is not commonly used for agriculture and in the last few years has been used to raise marine shrimp. Presently, there are a number of farmers producing marine shrimp in West Alabama. In total, there are approximately 75 water acres of ponds utilized to produce about 4000 pounds per acre of marine shrimp.

Nursery-smAssist the development of inland marine shrimp farming in Alabama.

Assist farmers in development of feed management strategies to optimize development of an inland marine shrimp industry.

Determine physiological response of shrimp to low salinity environments.


Several farmers have been successful at culturing marine shrimp in inland well waters. One of the problems encountered, however, has been the development of techniques to nurse juvenile shrimp and acclimate them to Alabama’s well water. This research is developing methods to rear and acclimate juvenile shrimp to this unique environment and improve growth and survival during growout. Another area of research involves improved feed technologies for the culture of marine shrimp in inland low salinity waters. Present research is directed at reducing production costs by optimizing feeding strategies and reducing feed costs with the aim of improving economic returns.

The ultimate goal of this project is to assist in the development of an economically viable and environmentally sustainable inland marine shrimp industry. Inland marine shrimp farming has the potential to develop new jobs, diversify agriculture, and expand into a multi-million dollar industry in Alabama.

Principal Investigators

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David B. Rouse
Professor Emeritus
Claude Boyd
Claude E. Boyd
131 Aquatic Resource Management Building
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Mississippi-Alabama Sea Grant College Program
Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division