Current Projects

The Center has conducted development activities in more than 100 countries in many regions of the world. Through its grants, contracts and projects it has funded research in host countries and on-campus, and degree and non-degree education at Auburn University for more than 1,000 foreign nationals from more than 60 countries. Support facilities at Auburn University include the largest educational and training facility in the world for fisheries, aquaculture and aquatic sciences.

Mexico — Fostering Environmental Stewardship of the Gulf of Mexico

Multiple Countries — Heifer Healthy Footprint, Phase II

Ghana — Introduction of ASA-IM Feed-Based Pond and Cage Culture Production Technologies

Uganda/South Africa — Hydrology, Water Harvesting, and Watershed Management for Food Security, Income, and Health: Small Impoundments for Aquaculture and Other Community Uses

Uganda USAID Fisheries Investment for Sustainable Harvest (FISH)