CAP Subjects

Subjects Covered in the Certification Program

Several subjects covering the fundamentals of aquaculture have been divided in modules. The complete certification consists of ten modules and a total of 136 segments with an average duration of 30 minutes each.




Principles of Aquaculture Leonard Lovshin 10
Water Quality Claude E. Boyd 16
Physiology Imad P. Saoud 9
Hatchery Management Ronald Phelps 20
Aquatic Animal Nutrition D. Allen Davis 12
Genetics and Breeding Rex Dunham 17
Aquatic Health Jeff Terhune / Karl Hayden 17
Aquaculture Production Masser / Daniels / Veverica 21
Extension Methods John Jensen 5
Aquaculture Economics Terril R. Hanson 9

At the end of each module, the student will be evaluated. A passing grade of 70% is needed to progress to the next module. The student who is not able to obtain the passing grade will be allowed to review the lectures again and retake the exam. In case of not being able to obtain a passing grade a second time; the student will have the option to take another test at an additional cost.