Inland Marine Shrimp Production

West Alabama is home to a very unique marine shrimp farming industry that utilizes inland low salinity artesian groundwater as the culture medium. Marine shrimp farms are located in Greene, Lowndes, and Sumter counties at distances greater than 150 miles north of the Gulf of Mexico.  The culture of shrimp in this environment presents several unique challenges related to production.

Current research projects in west Alabama are evaluating the use of probiotics on commercial farms to enhance survival and growth, investigating different hatchery sources of post-larval shrimp, assessing the role of water quality on shrimp production, and developing least-cost salt formulations for commercial producers. Active collaborations are also maintained with Dr. Allen Davis’ laboratory (Professor of Aquatic Animal Nutrition in the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences at Auburn University) to evaluate alternative ingredients for practical shrimp diets and to explore implementation of novel feed management schemes on commercial farms.  In addition to aquarium and tank facilities housed at the Alabama Fish Farming Center, there are also several larger tank systems located on commercial farms that serve as results-oriented research demonstrations for shrimp farmers.  Finally, pond-level trials are executed in collaboration with Claude Peteet Mariculture Center in Gulf Shores to answer research questions for which ponds are required.