Water Quality & Aquatic Vegetation Identification

The Alabama Fish Farming Center offers water quality testing and aquatic weed identification services to west Alabama fish, shrimp, crawfish farmers as well as recreational pond owners. The goal of this program is to improve the sustainability of aquaculture producers as well as to improve the recreational fishing experience of small pond owners.

Program Details

The Alabama Fish Farming Center (AFFC) is equipped with a water quality laboratory to support the commercial aquaculture industry in west Alabama.  Fluctuations in water quality can occur over the course of a production cycle, and farmers can bring water samples to the lab to check for total ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, chlorides, pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, and other water quality variables. The AFFC also provides assistance to commercial producers and private pond owners on identification of problematic aquatic weeds and algae.  Once a nuisance aquatic weed has been identified, recommendations on treatment can be provided.  The water quality laboratory is also utilized by AFFC personnel to support ongoing research trials that are being carried out either at the AFFC or on commercial farms.