Extension & Outreach Activities

The Alabama Fish Farming Center serves as a launching pad for numerous extension and education programs. Fish disease diagnostics and water quality support are also offered to the west Alabama aquaculture industry. In addition to providing a venue for the exchange of information, faculty and staff at the Alabama Fish Farming Center are involved in various commercial level extension demonstrations on catfish and shrimp farms in west Alabama. The center also publishes Fish Farming News, a newsletter full of helpful resources, tips and information for Alabama farmers.

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The Alabama Fish Farming Center offers fish health diagnostic services to west Alabama fish, shrimp, and crawfish farmers.  The Disease Diagnostic program is offered jointly through the School of Fisheries, Aquaculture & Aquatic Sciences, Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station, and Alabama Cooperative Extension.

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The Alabama Fish Farming Center offers water quality testing and aquatic weed identification services to west Alabama fish, shrimp, crawfish farmers as well as recreational pond owners. The goal of this program is to improve the sustainability of aquaculture producers as well as to improve the recreational fishing experience of small pond owners.

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The Alabama Fish Farming Center provides a platform for information exchange between fish farmers, industry, government agencies, and Auburn University.

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