Aquaculture & Fisheries Business Institute (AFBI)

The Aquaculture and Fisheries Business Institute (AFBI) was chartered by the Auburn University Board of Trustees in 2012 and initially funded by The Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station for its first three years.

AFBI was created in response to the global trends of rapidly expanding world demand for protein, limitations on arable land and water, and declining stocks of commercial wild-caught fish.

We believe large-scale, commercial aquaculture businesses and resulting fish/seafood production is vital to feed the increasing world population.   We also believe that research must be applied and timely to produce solutions that will assist aquaculture producers, processors and supply chain members succeed in a business world. Connecting these groups is essential.

Our Mission

Photo of E.W. Shell research station's B Pond

U.S. aquaculture producers can compete globally, but only with enhanced inventory control, feed efficiency and greater production efficiencies with improved product quality and consistency. The volume of high quality water available in the southeast US coupled with its favorable climate can support a thriving multi- billion dollar domestic seafood industry by 2030.

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What We Do

Photo of a pond raceway

The Aquaculture and Fisheries Business Institute is a business solutions platform that links multidisciplinary university resources and world class research with industry collaborators to answer bio-technical, policy, economic and business questions. Click below to learn more about what we do.

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